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Adopt A bObsweep Robot Vacuum!

What is there to say about the bobsweep vacuum other than it's AMAZING! 
For years and years I have been procrastinating on purchasing the infamous moderderinized self cleaning robot vacuums as word of mouth suggest it is not worth your hard earned money. Many opinions from family, friends and review forms are warning fellow interested buyers to be a little more cautious today when choosing the right brand of robot vacuum. Known issues that have came forth with robot vacuums range from cheap broken parts, void warranties and most of all customers waking up in the morning to stumbling over their battery drained vacuum in the middle of the floor instead of self parking itself to it's charging base.
Before I start my review below I want to make it known that this is NOT a paid review or advertisement and that it is my honest review to help my followers and friends make an easy and comforting decision when looking for a household robot vacuum.

Well the wait is over! 

I recently came upon post after post on instagram of people raving over their new "bobsweep" robot vacuum and how amazing it really was. At first I thought to myself "they must be just sugar coating their review as a promotional ad". But after having a VERY honest conversation with a long time family friend about their bObsweep vacuum and how it change her household life I decided to take the plunge. After reviewing their options in vacuums I decided that the bObi Pet was the best fit for my household as I have a dog, two cats, a very busy toddler and husband (the messiest of them all) and this vacuum would be able to keep up  with us all. 
bObsweep has the following types of vacuums to choose from:
Bob PetHair Plus™ (cobalt blue & charcoal)
bObi Pet™ (scarlet red & silver)
bObi Classic™ (white)
Bob PetHair™ (champagne & rouge)
Bob Standard™ (champagne & rouge)
- Junior™ (white)
In just a short week I received my bObi Pet robot vacuum and put "her" to work. I was extremely surprised of how easy it was to set up! Easy step by step photographed guide was included along with spare parts! What company puts in the time and effort in the these small details to make their customers life a little easier.
 It has now been over a month with using our bObi Pet vacuum EVERYDAY and it seriously works great! I have yet to have even one issue with it. Every morning while my little one and myself eat breakfast bObi Pet is working away doing my daily dreaded chore. I know it is hard to believe someone over a website review BUT my bObi Pet vacuum has been the best investment I have made in years. This vacuum has seriously changed my life as cheesy as that sounds. 
As for my final thoughts, I would absolutely recommend bObsweep to all my family and friends as I have complete confidence that they would fall in love this it as much as I have. 
Warm Regards, 
Natasha Tremblay
Take a peek at bObsweep's website to adopt your new robot vacuum! Click Here
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