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How Today's Modern Bébé Is Making A Difference With Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

 Sustainable Packaging Eco Friendly

Owning a company comes with many decisions to be made. We are so proud of where we have come and where we are going. We’re very much invested in a sustainable future and we wanted to share this amazing company we use called NoIssue that helps us do just that.

The company provides innovative packaging designed, sealed and delivered right to you, all within 3 weeks’ time anywhere in the world.


The most common ink used in packaging is petroleum-based. NoIssue uses a soy-based ink in their designs. Not only does this type of ink make colors more accurate but it makes it easier for the paper to be recycled! Win – Win!


Their tissue is amazing. It is completely free of acids, sulfurs and lignins. If you don’t know what lignins are, they are a complex organic polymer that reduces paper permanence, and when recycled, they release acids which deteriorate anything else nearby, including the earth. NoIssue has instead infused their paper with water to yield a neutral pH making it safer for the environment.


Did I mention NoIssue is also FSC Certified? As a company, it is important to know that our products have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly conscious way. We want to be able to provide you with premium packaging without harming the environment and NoIssue does just that.


We at Today`s Modern Bébé are always working on bettering the environment in any way that we can. This is only the start and we are so excited to find other innovated ways to place our concrete footprint in keeping our planet safe and health for our babies, babies babies and babies babies babies futures.


We can not wait to share with you our next steps towards our mission. 


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