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About Us

The Beginnings

(how the brand became)

Canadian Baby Clothing Store

 "We started Today's Modern Bébé to help out other mommies in the world find unique modern & urban clothing & accessories for their little ones that no one else had".

Natasha, a new mommy of a beautiful baby girl who became her inspiration to creating modern baby and toddler clothing and cute accessories for children!

While Natasha was pregnant, she had the first time mommy shopping jitters. It was so fun for her to look around at all the new and unique baby clothing and accessories for children out there. As she searched and searched she noticed it was extremely hard to find what she was looking for. She had this image of what she wanted her baby's fashion style to look like but she just could not find anything that quite matched.

Then one day a light bulb went off.... she should start to make her own baby clothes and accessories for kids. She unpacked the sewing machine and started to make her ideas come to life. She fell in love with each clothing item she made and thought "If I had a want for these baby clothes, others would too!" So she decided to start to share and sell children's clothes for those unique mommies out there searching for the same quality clothing.

Natasha Founder of Today's Modern Bebe, Canadian made children's clothing, baby clothing, matching mommy and me outfits

How the Brand has Evolved

What Matters to Us? 

Nothing stands more true to the importance of your environment. We, at Today’s Modern Bébé, want to do everything in our power to make sure our children and future children’s children have a clean and safe planet. We take pride in that Today’s Modern Bébé is a sustainable brand, made in environmentally & socially responsible ways. How you ask? Let us show you.

Our Mission:

Providing stylish and comfortable clothing for moms and babies that is sustainability made in environmentally & socially responsible ways within our environment and economic borders. 

Our Values:

As we evolve we want to make sure that we play our part in the ways we can help strengthen our environment. All the way to sourcing fabrics that are safe for your babies’ skin and health, to creating a concrete footprint in the sustainability within our earth. Not only is sustainability a key core value, we also pride ourselves to supporting the Canadian economic growth.

Today's Modern Bebe Canadian Made Clothing Brand | Founder Natasha hand makes clothing for babies, toddlers and moms | Cute mommy and me outfits

Our Fabrics

Not only is all our clothing fabric super soft, there is also a purpose behind how we select each and every fabric. We have educated ourselves to have the knowledge to know what is and is not safe on your babies’ sensitive skin. We only use the BEST fabrics available for you and your little ones.

Bamboo Rayon Cotton Blends

Bamboo is more than just the culinary choice for pandas – this fast-growing, incredibly renewable resource also happens to be an ideal choice for making fabrics. Bamboo is a fast growing, renewable, and easy growing material that requires zero chemicals and pesticides that can be grown all over the world, creating a safer, cleaner way of sourcing fabrics. Bamboo and Cotton both produce soft, breathable clothing, which can be a comfort to a baby’s sensitive skin, are sustainably made, antibacterial and can reduce allergies.

Did you know? 

Did you know that that bamboo not only helps create more sustainable fabric but also helps clean the air quality? Bamboo plants also absorb greenhouse gasses! Bamboo sequesters carbon dioxide from the environment and produces 35% more oxygen than its equivalent size of trees. Large-scale bamboo plantations can become effective “carbon sinks” or areas designed to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere.

Bamboo baby clothing, bamboo clothing | Bamboo clothing made in canada

Our Packaging 

We want to wrap your items not only in love but also sustainable packaging. We have partnered with a company named Noissue and their Eco Packaging Alliance to supply our mailers and wrapping tissue for many reasons. 

Eco Packaging Alliance

The Eco Packaging Alliance with Noissue helps support reforestation. For every order Today’s Modern Bebe makes, Noissue will plant trees in areas, of our choice, that need it most.

Wrapping Tissue

All ink used to print on our wrapping tissue is Soy-based, completely free from acids/chemical and is FSC Certified.

Eco-friendly baby clothing brands | sustainable clothing made in canada | bamboo baby clothing


Our 100% Compostable Mailer is a great step towards sustainable packaging, and can be composted both at home and commercially. Made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers, our mailers compost on 6 months!  

Natasha, Founder of Today's Modern Bebe, Canadian Made Clothing for Children | Eco-friendly baby clothes made in Canada

Supporting our local makers

We pride ourselves in supporting one another. Today’s Modern Bébé has built a locally loved team; from fabric sourcing all the way to hand making each item of clothing in Canada

Local Fabrics

Today’s Modern Bébé sources all fabrics in Canada from Canadian owned businesses. We have two fabric suppliers; one located in Montreal, Quebec and the other in Delta, British Columbia. Both have extremely strong key values in specializing in environmentally & socially responsible knit and woven textiles.

Local Manufacturing

We are proud to announce that as Today’s Modern Bébé has evolved we had to source out help in crafting your appeal! We have decided to source out a local manufacturer in Calgary, Alberta to lend a helping hand in our production. Our manufacturer mission is to “Play a leading role in establishing the apparel industry in Alberta by streamlining the process of production in an ethical and sustainable manner.” 

Local Seamstress

Natasha, the owner and creator is a huge advocate in women empowerment. That being said it was her ultimate dream to help support local women and other mothers. Today’s Modern Bébé has added to our team, two professional seamstresses, whom both live within the Alberta, Canada borders. Being able to hire and strengthen local women entrepreneurs is absolutely rewarding and a dream come true. We are all boss babes.

Local Printing

All of Today’s Modern Bébé printed garments are locally pressed and printed in Calgary, Alberta by a mom and pop family run shop established back in the 1980’s.

Modern Babe Sweater | Matching Mommy and Me outfits, eco-friendly clothes for children, Canadian made clothing
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